Diversity results require more than a ‘well-intentioned’ plan

JC Pic High ResOver the years, Company A has been trying to improve upon its workforce representation of Hispanic employees at all levels of the organization.  In spite of a “well-intentioned” plan and substantial investments being made to address challenges in talent acquisition and talent development, they fail to see any significant increase in total representation.  This is a familiar situation many large companies with recognizable logos find themselves in during their respective inclusion and diversity journeys.  Why is it that so many of these big logos continue to struggle with the same challenges?  What if the solution simply required the company to leverage, differently, the data they already had in their possession?

The world is becoming more diverse by the second.  So, why do companies continue to lag in their inclusion of diverse talent?  Certainly, we can point to many external factors, but that doesn’t discount the opportunities each company has to differentiate itself and capture valuable talent ahead of the competition.  The business case has long been made on the fruitfulness that a diverse workforce brings to the bottom line by way of innovation, business performance and value creation by better relating to customers’ or opening up new markets and revenue streams.  Still, like all business decisions, one must decipher whether data has generated a valuable discovery or if it is a distraction to the mission.

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